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Strengthening Mental Health

Mental Health

March 31, 2020

Mental health is an issue that one shouldn’t take lightly and always address. Regarding mental issues and the COVID-19 pandemic it could be hard to hold a strong mental health when isolated. Whether you are alone, or with family, here are some ways to optimizing your mental health. 


  • Essential oils or candles


    . Depending on how much you can handle scents and if you like lighter or stronger scents. Try lighting a candle or getting an oil diffuser to illuminate the room with scents. I recommend trying an oil diffuser if you are more sensitive to smells and might get a headache because you can adjust how many drops of scent you put in. 


  • Find a new hobby to put your energy towards. Pick up a book, start a craft, create a new recipe, or go old school and color in a coloring book. Having a hobby will take your mind off yourself and focus on the action you are doing. 


  • Working out. Create an at home exercise schedule and include indoor work outs for when it rains. Working out will release natural opiates to help stimulate your mood. 


  • Meditate. Meditation will help clear your mind and navigate negative emotions. Try finding a YouTube video or download a meditation app on your phone. 


  • Social media detox. With all the news going around about coronavirus, there is often plenty of unreputable sources trying to fright you about it. Try to limit screen time and only trust government sources. Take your mind off the news and only use social media to connect with family and friends. 


  • Family time. Focusing on your family and spending time with them is a great way to eliminate anxiety and worry. Watch old family videos, have game time, or even sit down and talk about family stories. If you aren’t with family, FaceTime them and have a chat or play a game over the phone.


It is important to stay in the moment and create memories you will remember forever. Take a second to enjoy life around you, there might be reasons to worry about the uncertainty we are faced with but with time everything will settle.


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