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Midterm Week for Students

February 25, 2020

Midterm week is upon us here at UGA. Whether your child is a freshman or a senior, this week never seems to get easier. It is often the first overload of stress your child may be feeling during the semester. Parents, you may find yourself struggling to support your child from afar. Looking for ways to offer your child support? Whether you pass these along to your student or use them to provide specialized guidance, check out some of our best study tips and study spots below!



  1. Plan and manage your time! Your student will soon find out whether it is midterm week, finals week, or just a busy test week, everything always seems to fall within a few days of each other. At first glance, this can seem incredibly overwhelming, especially for a new college student or even a sophomore or junior newly accepted into their major. Your student must look ahead at their schedule for these busy weeks and plan out their time accordingly. Whether it be making time to study, picking up scantrons from the student center, or remembering to take a break and get some sleep, effective time management is the key to a successful study week!

  2. Reach out to professors! Large lecture hall style classes can be overwhelming, and your student may feel like they are just one of 200 other faces in the classroom. It is important to remind your students that professors are ready and willing to support them and lead them towards success in their course. Encourage your student to attend office hours, reach out to teaching assistants, or contact the professor directly to clear up any confusion regarding course expectations or specific material. Having an established relationship with a professor and showing that you are proactive in the course can help ensure long term success. 

  3. Stay healthy! Staying healthy is another hugely important aspect of a successful test week. Encourage your child to get adequate sleep, nourish their body, and stay hydrated. Getting sick during a stressful week can set your student behind and add unneeded stress. Late nights in the library or MLC can make it hard for your student to get their 8 hours of sleep, however this is a critical component to success in the classroom!

  4. Utilize on-campus and off-campus tutoring services! University-affiliated tutoring services and non-affiliated services can provide excellent support to your students during stressful test weeks. The University of Georgia's Department of Academic Enhancement offers outstanding resources for tutoring across various departments as well as the Writing Center in Park Hall, both provide free support to students. Non-affiliated tutoring centers in the community, such as Skoolers Tutoring, which provides UGA course specialized study sessions at a low cost, can also be great resources for students. 




Students need to understand which study environment best suits them. Whether they prefer a quiet, secluded space or enjoy the bustle of a coffeehouse, UGA and Athens have a space to support every student in their academic success. 

  1. 1000 Faces is a great coffee shop nestled on the outskirts of downtown, walking distance to Hotel Indigo. 1000 Faces offers incredible coffee, teas, and pastries that help make a study session a little more enjoyable. For the student that enjoys some background noise or relaxing music while studying, this is a great space for them!

  2. Skoolers Tutoring, located at the corner of Milledge and Baxter, is a private tutoring company that has tailored its services specifically to UGA courses. Whether your student is utilizing their at-cost group study sessions, a private tutoring session, or just looking for a quiet space to study, their study rooms are available to any UGA student free of cost.  

  3. The Miller Learning Center  is very popular among students for a quieter on-campus study spot. Having four different floors with group study rooms, individual study cubicles, computer labs, and whiteboard spaces, the MLC provides various free resources and study spaces available to students. Whether your student grabs a student room with a group of friends or a cubicle to study away individually, the MLC is an excellent space for students to spend their time during midterm week.

  4. The Hotel Indigo, located near downtown Athens is a popular hotel spot for parents visiting their students or for out-of-town guests looking for a trendy, well-situated hotel. Their lobby provides a comfortable study spot for students looking to get away from the stress of campus. Once the weather warms up, the Indigo has a relaxing outdoor space with comfortable, locally sourced furniture, which can provide a great study spot for students! 

Contact the Hotel Indigo at (706) 546-0430 or visit their website at https://www.indigoathens.com/ to book your stay for the next time you are in Athens to visit your student!



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